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    Guangdong Denglao Herbal Tea Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is a health management group company integrated with R&D, production, sales, chain management of the health-maintenance and health-care food, it has improved exclusive shop chain operation management system and customer service system, provides full complete of business serv ices to alliance business and provides higher quality, safer and more reliable products and services.

    Site selection: to provide professional analysis for site selection and assessment guide.

    Training: to provide lifelong free professional management training guidance.

    Image: unified store image and unified packing materials to build professional brand image.

    Operation: professional supervision for irregular inspection to guide operating management skills of store.

    Promotion and publicity: the group not only inputs the publicity of “Denglao herbal tea”  brand advertising, but also the store irregularly holds theme sales promotion activities to promote brand awareness.

    R&D: relying on the science park of Traditional Chinese Medicine University Of Guangzhou, possess the first institute for herbal tea in the country with enormous R&D ability.

    Small investment, high return and low risk

    It takes only several tens thousands Yuan to get long-term high return, abundant group strength and powerful business background from major company, big brand and great chain give your reliable support.

    Flexible join modes

    Adjusting according to circumstances, there are 4 kinds of store modes for selection now: flagship store, Neighborhood Markets, university shop and shop-in-shop.
    The company has improved exclusive shop chain operation management system and customer service system too provide professional full set of operating services for alliance business, and to provide higher quality, safer and more reliable products and services for consumers, since establishment in 2004, the scale of chain store has been expanded to nearly 1000, and in this year, it will gradually quicken the expansion pace of market outside of the province throughout each city of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, Beijing, Sichuan, Hubei, Zhejiang and other places.