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    Group Introduction

     Guangdong Denglao Herbal Tea Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Denglao pharmaceutical industry") is a health industry group integrated with research & development, production and marketing of health-care products, franchise chain management, health management service.

            Adhering to the enterprise mission of “unremitting efforts for own duty of public health”, sticking to the three major notions of “honesty, faith and righteousness" and 8 consciousnesses of “business, service, brand, humanism, system, innovative, professional, collaboration”, Denglao pharmaceutical people forge ahead, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit to provide all-around integrated health services to the public.

            With more than 70 years of profound theory of traditional Chinese medicine and clinical experience of professor Deng Tietao, the master of Traditional Chinese Medicine as support, with powerful scientific research output and profound academic connotation of traditional Chinese medicine of Traditional Chinese Medicine University Of Guangzhou as guarantee, Denglao pharmaceutical industry has No.1 to No.9 secrete formulas of National Intangible Cultural Heritage at present. With the purposes of fitting modern environment characteristics, modern way of life, modern dietary structure and constitution characteristics of modern people, Denglao pharmaceutical industry continuously innovates to promote various kinds of health-care foods and health management services. 

    Over the years, centering on the blueprint of “massive health industry”, Denglao pharmaceutical group expands business and configures market to build “China massive health industry flagship” comprehensively. Now around the health products and services the major businesses have been built as follows: 

    Health Products 

    1. Denglao Herbal Tea and Denglao series:  

        Denglao herbal tea series (drink, electuary, honey refined paste and lozenge), Denglao eight-treasure porridge, Denglao Guilinggao and other more than 10 fixed-packaging health-care food facing to FMCG market ;

    2. Strategic reserve series:

       ◇“Hexing spring” selenium-containing natural mineral water: strategic reserve water in Guangdong province, possessing national certificate of mineral spring and ore resources;

       ◇“Yipin rejuvenation” health-care wine: prepared according to the famous formula of national famous doctors with the effect of greatly tonifying primordial Qi.

    Health services

    3. Denglao Herbal Tea chain strain: comprises franchise, franchise alliances.

       ◇ Offline chain terminal system includes: Denglao herbal tea chain store, Denglao herbal tea health-care workshop and the like, and now, it has expanded shops (inclusive of chain store and franchised outlet) throughout the country;

       ◇Main products include: Denglao liver-clearing herbal tea, Denglao refreshing and throat beneficiary tea, Denglao spleen and kidney-invigorating herbal tea, Denglao detox tea, Denglao five cereals meal and other “conditioning, balancing and leisure” 3 major series and “heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney" 5 major systems, over more than 50 products;

       ◇ At this stage, it is focusing on the establishment of online e-commerce system (WeChat mall, Tmall/ JD.COM brand flagship store) and to spare no more effects to build O2O new business system of “online sales + offline chain”.

    4. Famous doctor appointment, physician physiotherapy, expert consultation customized to high and mid grade group and other general health service.

        With the continuously strategic promotion of state “Internet +” and “healthy China", "Internet +massive health” era is approaching. The Guangzhou Zihetang Denglao Health Food Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Hexingquan Spring Water Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zihetang Health Management Co., Ltd. and other multiple subsidiaries of the Guangzhou Denglao Herbal Tea Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. will develop in coordination and keep pace with each other to integrate internal and external coordination resources, seize the industry opportunities of new normal-state era, constantly innovate business mode, and jointly make unremitting endeavor to make “Denglao pharmaceutical industry” into global well-known enterprise with world competitiveness and the pacemaker of the modern health industry of traditional Chinese medicine”.