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    Development history

    1. The birth of Denglao herbal tea

            During the middle ten days of February 2003 in Guangzhou, SARS went into peak hour, at this time, the circle of Western medicine discussed fiercely for what is the pathogenic original ominous on earth. The lifetime professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine University Of Guangzhou, Deng Tietao who has aged 87 at that time (addressed Denglao respectfully) stand up to say that SARS is a kind of warm disease, and there is a long history for the treatment of warm disease through traditional Chinese medicine, and SARS can be cured by traditional Chinese medicine. The first affiliated hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine University Of Guangzhou where he works receives and cures 58 cases (appraised by expert) totally, achieving the achievement of “three-zero”: no transferred patient, namely, “zero transfer”, no dead patient, namely, “zero death”, furthermore, as all staff of the hospital take traditional Chinese medicine for prevention, no infected medical staff, namely, “zero infection”.

            In March 2003, the comrades of Ministry of Science and Technology listened to the Deng Tietao’s opinion on “SARS capable of being treated by traditional Chinese medicine” in Guangdong province, and then, suggested him to write an article, Deng Tietao immediately implemented the actual writing. This is the first published article on SARS treated by traditional Chinese medicine, and immediately reprinted by multiple newspapers, magazines at home and abroad as the reference book for SARS against via traditional Chinese medicine.

            On April 26, 2003, in view of the situation that traditional Chinese medicine has not given full play to the role in the treatment of SARS, Deng Tietao continuously written two letters to make recommendations to the central leadership. A week later, the headquarters preventing and curing SARS throughout the country announced in the media: traditional Chinese medicine is an important strength to fight against SARS, we should fully understand the its scientific values to jointly complete the mission of SARS prevention and cure via combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine.

             In April, 2003, CCTV reported a prescription for preventing SARS recommended by Deng Tietao. Afterwards, a student of Deng Tietao, the tycoon of real estate, Mr. Zhu Layi found old gentleman Deng Tietao to communicate with him closely, when they referred to how to revitalize TCM and Chinese medicine to make traditional Chinese medicine modernization, folk custom and living, old gentleman Deng Tietao slightly changes the original prescription for preventing SARS to compound into Denglao herbal tea, and grants it to Mr. Zhu, and hopes him to carry forward traditional Chinese medicine beneficial for the country.

    2. Development history of Denglao herbal tea

    In 2003

            As a leading authority and great master of traditional Chinese medicien, chief scientist of national 973 plan, Mr. Deng Tietao developed out the Denglao herbal tea component for coping with the change of the modern environment and improving the health of the modernists by using the over 70 years’ practice experience and the theory of traditional Chinese medicine;

    In the same year Guangzhou Yanghe Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded with the main business of development, production and sale for Denglao herbal tea food and beverage. The first generation Denglao herbal tea canned drink, instant granules and other series of products were pushed into the market.

    In 2004

            In August, 2004, the first Denglao herbal tea chain store running via the mode of chain management was opened grandly in Xiangzhou , Zhuhai

    Introduced famous brand marketing company- Shanghai local power marketing broadcast advisory body to carry out overall brand planning to Denglao herbal tea, locating it the “herbal tea more suitable for modern people”, within less than half a year, exceeding twenty thousands of terminals have been developed in SC-POS, OTC, restaurant catering and other channels throughout the country, sweeping the “Deng cyclone” in the market.

    In 2005

            Denglao herbal tea chain stores reached 100 stores , relying on its good quality, profit model and reputation, Denglao herbal tea wins general consent and trust of vast consumers and investors.

    In 2006

            Denglao herbal tea chain stores broke through 400, Denglao herbal tea keeps going forward with rapid development trend.

    On May 25, herbal tea was officially recognized as the national intangible cultural heritage by the State Council. In such selected 54 formulas of herbal tea, 9 formulas of herbal tea were selected totally, and identified as No.1 to No.9 formula, leading in herbal tea industry.

    In November, Guangzhou Zihetang Denglao Health Food Co., Ltd. was set up mainly engaged in research and development, sales and franchise chain of health-care food.

    In 2007

            The image of Denglao herbal tea chain store was comprehensively upgraded, and the first generation store was officially pushed out. Meanwhile, under the guidance of Denglao and team of experts from Guangzhou Traditional University of Chinese Medicine, we sped up the research and development of products and newly pushed out three major series of conditioning, leisure and balance with more than 30 products.

            On August 1, the first batch of Denglao herbal tea subway stores were opened at Kengkou station and Shiqiao Station in Guangzhou.  

            In December, the first store of Denglao herbal tea in north market was settled in Beijing firstly, and was officially expanded in north market.

            The “Healthy and harmonious year” crossover marketing implemented jointly with several aircraft carriers of real estate in China, top 30 enterprises in China real estate in Pear River Delta was widely acclaimed by vast owners.

    In 2009

            Filed by State Commerce Ministry for franchise, Guangzhou Zihetang Denglao Health Food Chain Co., Ltd. became the first enterprise in Commerce Department for franchise in the industry of herbal tea chain stores.

            In December, relying on distinct manifestations in brand building, product quality, standardizing operation and other aspects in recent years, it was rewarded as the “the most trustworthy health consumption brand” in Pan-Pearl River Delta 2009.

     In 2010

            Comprehensively cooperated with several aircraft carriers of real estate in China, top 30 enterprises in China real estate, and carried out the large-scale public benefit brand activity of “helping each other to fight against SARS and presenting thousands of herbal tea for owners” in Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Shanghai and other places.

    In 2011

            In August, jointly held large-scale enterprise-establishing activity of “beautiful millennium guest metropolis and better Denglao herbal tea” in Meizhou together with Meizhou Tourist Administration, the popularity and market share of Denglao herbal tea rapidly promoted.

            In October, Guangdong Denglao Herbal Tea Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was formally established, integrated with the business of several subsidiary companies, such as Guangzhou Yanghe Medical Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Zihetang Denglao Health Food Chain, Guangzhou Yanghe Medical Chain Co., Ltd. and other companies, being a health industry group integrated with research& development, production and marketing, franchise chain management, health management service of health food.

            Denglao herbal tea drinks and special Guilinggao are regarded as the third batch of specialty food in Lingnan, Guangdong.

            Held the first “sailing cup- Guangdong graduate entrepreneurship marking practice” by Denglao herbal tea together with League Committee, and other government, school organizations, the first campus herbal tea shop was grandly opened in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, and the graduate entrepreneurship herbal tea shops spread over more than a dozen colleges and universities in Guangzhou.

    In 2012

            Strategically introduced international famous AAAA company-Tianjin brand management agency to comprehensively upgrade Denglao herbal tea products and brand, and at the same time, proposed the brand new market positioning and marketing strategy of “modern herbal tea”.

            In September, Guangdong Denglao Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. was bought by acquisition to improve the brand ownership of intellectual property right, such as the portrait of Denglao, the trademark of Yangheand others.

    In 2013

            Cooperated with the lunar exploration program of China Aerospace Center, Denglao herbal tea was titled the global naming activity of Chang'e 3 lunar vehicle. “Denglao herbal tea” obtained the global naming activity of Chang'e 3 lunar vehicle and was noted by global net friends, receiving more than twenty thousands of names.

    Denglao herbal tea awarded the title of “top ten chain operation brands in Guangdong province”.

            In March, Denglao herbal tea took part in the China National Candy & Spirits Fair held in Chengdu, won the title of Star Products of China National Candy & Spirits Fair.  

            In May, nine big herbal tea brands in the market were sent to Guangdong Quality Supervision Food Inspection Station for detection selected by Consumer Reports, the leader of Chinese consumer rights and interests protection movement, published 13 statistics of total flavonoid content, soluble solid content and others, which indicated that Denglao herbal tea without food additives solely won the choose recommend of Five Stars Herbal Teawith a top quality.

            In August, Guangzhou Hexingquan Spring Water Co., Ltd. was set up, and Hexingquan natural mineral water was pushed out. Hexingquan natural mineral water is from the deep underground rock crack aquifer of Maofengshan nature protection area, rich in rare selenium (0.005mg/L), metasilicic acid (40.0mg/L) and other multiple minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body, capable of improving body's immune ability, reducing the occurrence of disease, further beneficial for children's eyesight, and the growth of physique, the young people’s physique enhancement and the elderly health care.

            In October, Hexingquan mineral  water was pushed out for marketing formally.

            In November, in order to optimize resource, integrate, strengthen the brand image and promote the main business, the group company reorganized and optimized uniformly to the products, brands, intellectual property, production and sales of subsidiary companies, respectively sold and divested Guangzhou Yanghe Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in November and Guangdong Denglao Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. in December, integrated the related businesses, trademarks and other intellectual property to Guangdong Denglao Herbal Tea Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.for continuing operating.  


    In 2014

            Guangdong Denglao Herbal Tea Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. integrated and allocated massive health industry, centering on the blueprint of “massive health industry”, expanded business and configured market to build “China massive health industry flagship” comprehensively, aiming to be the “pacemaker of the modern traditional Chinese medicine health industry”, focused on the layout and establishment of three series of business of Denglao and Denglao herbal tea health-care food, Zihetang franchise chain store and health management service.

            In the same year, the health care wine product named “ Yipin Rejuvenation” was researched and developed to launch, making with selected first-class rare medicinal herbs and traditional handicraft, which had the effect of reinforce vital energy and health fitness.

    In 2015

            Joined hands with Luzhou Old Cellar to carry out crossover marketing and to establish all-around strategic partnership.

            In July, in order to further highlight the business development strategy of herbal tea massive health, and focus on the advantages for development and market position of herbal tea main business, the company sold and divested Guangzhou Yanghe Medical Chain Co., Ltd..

            In October, Guangdong Zihetang Health Management Co., Ltd. was set up specializing in the customization of famous doctors appointment, physician physiotherapy, expert consultation and other health service for mid and high grade crowd.   

            In December, Guangzhou Zihetang Denglao Health Food Chain Co., Ltd. was awarded as “ the Most Valuable Brands in Guangdong Province” and “Top 10 Franchise Brands in Guangdong Province”.